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Family legal issues are seldom easy to figure out. When you add the emotional trauma that often accompanies divorce and all that is involved, the lawyer you choose can make a big difference.

At the Worcester, Massachusetts Law Offices of Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail, we understand the importance of providing a supportive environment while you are going through these trying times. If you are considering separation or divorce you can schedule a conference to know your rights. Contact us online today.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Sometimes having the correct information about the legal aspects of divorce and family law can be an enormous help. Our Worcester divorce attorneys have provided many commonly asked questions and their answers for you.

Common issues associated with family law that our Worcester divorce lawyer at Law Offices of Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail may include are:

  • Adoption
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Juvenile law
  • Modification
  • Paternity
  • Property rights
  • Support obligations
  • Visitation rights

Providing the help you need

A divorce lawyer in Worcester from the Law Offices of Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail, PC can help you to select the most cost effective way to deal with your situation. We have a variety of strategies to choose from, such as:

  • Counseling
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Settlement

It is the result that counts

During a divorce, we strongly advocate working together to achieve the best possible outcome through negotiation and settlement. However, if negotiation is not possible for our client to gain fair settlement, we are prepared to aggressively pursue matters through the court.

Divorce Mediation

Separation and divorce are among the most painful disruptive events in a family. Mediation is for couples who want to retain control over the decisions that affect their lives and don't want their children to be caught in the middle. There are several reasons why parties should consider divorce mediation:

  1. The parties retain control over the outcome of their case rather than leaving it to a judge to decide the result.
  2. Mediation is a speedy process
  3. Mediation is less expensive than a contested divorce hearing. It eliminates the costs of divorce trials, Temporary Orders, Pre-trial Conferences, and Status Conferences that tend to deplete family assets which could be better utilized elsewhere.
  4. Mediation is private, confidential and conducted in an informal atmosphere. It gives the parties a way to settle conflicts between them. The mediator remains neutral between the parties trying to facilitate a settlement.
  5. Mediation allows the parties to process a divorce with less conflict than they would experience in an adversarial proceeding.
  6. If there are children of the marriage, mediation reduces conflict and facilitates long term communication.

If the parties do not get along, if there are highly contested issues or issues of physical abuse, then mediation is not for you. However, if the parties are willing to discuss civilly various issues involved in a divorce, then in 90% of the cases, the matters are settled peacefully.


a.    The parties meet together with Attorney Donahue who is experienced both in trial of family law cases and in the mediation process. At the first meeting, the parties fill out an information form and then meet with the mediator to discuss the various issues involved in the case and attempt a resolution. The mediator, being experienced in the trial of divorce cases is able to offer the parties his experience as to what a judge might do on a given set of facts. The mediator will request certain documents; i.e. tax returns, retirement statements, insurance coverage, pay stubs, and a financial statement for the second appointment. Appraisals may also be necessary. The process itself should not require more than 4 or 5 meetings, absent unusual or complicating circumstances. Sometimes fewer meeting are necessary.

b.    Once the parties have reached an agreement, the divorce papers including the Joint Petition, Affidavit of Breakdown, Custody Disclosure Statement, Rule 408 Statement, and most important the Separation Agreement are drafted for the review of the parties and in some cases, their attorneys.

c.    Whenever there are minor children involved, the parties have to attend a parenting course before a case can go before the court. Each party must also complete in detail, a court approved Financial Statement which is filed with the court.

d.    Once all the papers have been filed, the parties receive a notice from the court indicating the date and time of their hearing and the judge assigned to that hearing.

e.    The parties meet one final time with the mediator to review the Financial Statements also the procedure involved at the hearing on the uncontested divorce. The mediator then prepares a Summary of the Agreement to assist a judge and facilitate the hearing. The hearing itself takes approximately 5 minutes. The divorce becomes final 120 day from the date of the hearing.

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